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There’s No More Season and It’s Gucci Who Says It!

What Will Happen Post-Covid?

The fashion industry – like the others – has been devastated by the crisis. Will post-Covid fashion be more responsible? We hope so. In the meantime, Gucci is giving the word out: the Italian luxury house announces via their creative director Alessandro Michele instagram that it will stop the “seasons”.

Spring / Summer, Fall / Winter… The collections are linked to the rhythm of sales and fashion weeks , and that is far from good news. This frantic pace has catastrophic environmental, social and health consequences which assure the fashion sector a comfortable position in the list of the most polluting industries . Ethical question, it is not pretty-pretty either. The race for collections is pressurizing designers, who find themselves copying the ideas seen here and there just to get something out in time. While some small brands are making a difference , the big luxury ones have yet to lead the way. And that, Gucci seems to have understood.

Tempo change:
For several years now, the Italian luxury house has sent all kinds of positive signals in terms of commitment. In 2018, Gucci launched Gucci EquilibriumGucci Equilibrium , a platform inspired by the Paris Agreements. Objective: to expose over 10 years the strategy of the company, serving people, the planet, and the quest for meaning under the leadership of its CEO, Marco Bizzarri.

The words from Alessandro Michele :

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In this “suspended temporality“, he was able to set the record straight. The time to take the time, obviously, to “get out of the tyranny of speed (…) which risks humiliating creativity”. The result ? No more collections per season! No more fashion week around the world! From now on, “we will meet twice a year, to share together the chapters of a new story. Irregular, joyful, and absolutely free chapters. ”

gucci no more seasons

More creativity and responsibility
For Alessandro, it is therefore a way to rest his tired brain, to recharge the batteries of his creativity. And it is rather commendable. Getting out of the diktat of the seasons is to allow more freedom to creators, who do not need to come up with new ideas , which end up all being alike, as the weather changes.

Small bonus: a more nuanced pace would also help to rest … the planet. Calmer production could have the benefit of creating more responsible fashion and consumption.

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