Theophilus London: All Around The World

Listen to “All Around The World” here

      1. All Around The World (clean)


Theophilus London is some kind of raw, yet wonderful form of edgy hip hop. If you haven’t been introduced by our previous feature, get used to hearing his name from here on out. London’s newest single titled, “All Around The World,” tells us about his 3 years fresh on the chart scene, which have given him and his soulful raps play all over the globe. It’s no wonder: there’s no one out there quite like him.

His Brooklyn roots–by way of Trinidad–may have contributed to the clean underground quality that he so uniquely maintained in his rise. A rise in which he has begun to win the hearts of mainstream ears and indies alike. His latest and sophomore album, Timez Are Weird These Days, on which this track here resides, confuses the senses. Let the mix of pop, R&B, soul, and electronic rock confuse you!