The World’s Poshest Insect Residence

Because they love Bees (and so are we), British company Taylors Tea created the world’s poshest insect residence: a luxury bee hotel, in partnership with Kew Gardens!

‘The Grand Beedapest’: A bee hotel or bee house allow bees a place to nest and grow, allowing them to thrive in urban environments and helping to boost food production in the UK. They mimic the tiny spaces where wild bees love to nest. Watch the lovely video below to see more of the Bee Hotel

beedapest-luxury bee hotel

Luckily, regular bee hotels don’t need a gym and a disco. In fact, they’re pretty simple to build – head to the Grow Wild project, led by our friends at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, for a brilliant guide.


beedapest-luxury bee hotel-3

beedapest-luxury bee hotel-4

beedapest-luxury bee hotel-5

beedapest-luxury bee hotel-6

beedapest-luxury bee hotel-2

beedapest-luxury bee hotel-7