The Showtime House: For TV Fanatics

Showtime Networks and Metropolitan Home have joined forces to present The Showtime House. They redesigned this $20 million Gramercy Park brownstone into “a beacon of modernism inspired by six Showtime original series,” set to unveil in September. The Showtime House is a perfect example of the kind of collaborations that we will probably start to see in this economy. Collaborations have been growing more and more popular but they have been few and rare on this scale, and what a brilliant marketing stunt! The interior desiners will be drawing inspiration from Dexter™, Californication, The Tudors, Weeds, The L-Word® and United States of Tara to create these spaces. Below is my favorite.

Dexter – Dining Room by Amy Lau, Kitchen by Johnny Grey Studios





If you are “dying” to have some of teh pieces featired above you can visit Spring 3D’s online shop and see the Dexter Collection.

To see the others visit The Showtime House