The Shoot Factory

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Founded in 2007 by Jonathan King, after working in advertising as a location booker, is The Shoot Factory, a full-service location agency, representing UK and international properties, studios and venues for TV, film, photo shoots, product launches and events. Most of The Shoot Factory’s locations are occupied homes and businesses, which are rented on a day rate basis to the the agencies clients, which include The Times,
Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Elle, Gucci, Gap, Louis Vuitton, Roche Bobois, Dwell, L’Oreal commercials, Lexus, Heinz, Borbonese, and Secret Diaries of a Call Girl to name a few.

Starting by renting his own home as a set “has proven to be the key to success”,  said King,  “I understand what both parties are looking for, what they dislike and how to advise on suitable work for the home owner and the right location for the client.”

If you are looking for a great location for your next production or just to be inspired for the interior of your new home, The Shoot Factory is a must see destination.  I have been browsing through this site for the last 2 years and have yet to stop checking in for inspiration. Visit the site to peruse through all the different rentals at The Shoot Factory.

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shoot factory-The Collective - 3598 (86)

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