Apple News – It’s Only Rock n’ Roll

Ok, so as you maybe already know, the Apple Convention 2009 (called “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll“) and the return of Steve Jobs yesterday mad some pretty big waves…With the launch of Itunes 9, Ipod Nano with video Camera and faster and better Ipod Touch. But still Nothing regarding the Apple Tablet 🙁


*** iTunes 9 is available today better look and feel, as is plenty of iTunes LP and Extra content.


**** The new iPod nano. This new 5th gen iPod nano with a built-in video camera, and features a larger screen – 2.2-inch display(376 x 240), a FM tuner with Live Pause & iTunes Tagging and a pedometer can work with Nike+. H.264 VGA video, 640 by 480 pixels, up to 30 frames per second with AAC audio; 15 real-time special effects – Prices are the 8GB model for $149 and 16GB for $179.




**** The Ipod Touch new Generation up tp 64 GB – (but why no camera ??!!), The new 32 and 64GB version has a faster processor, 50% faster. Just like the iPhone 3GS, and with the OpenGL ES 2.0 capability, gaming will be a pleasure !


**** The new Shuffles are now at $59 for 2GB, $79 for 4GB and come in black, silver, pink, green and blue. They’re all shipping today


**** Plus an upgrade on the OS of the Iphone 3Gs…

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