The Shanghai Museum of Glass

Opened last week, Shanghai’s new Museum of Glass is sharing the unlimited possibilities of glass. The colorful glass art space shares an essential creative experience with visitors, setting a new direction for International Museums of the future. Both the building glass and the top glass artwork on display inside offer an unforgettable combination of art and technology to visitors.

After exploring dozens of museums around the world, the Museum’s founding committee invited the German architectural team Tilman Thuermer (of Coordination Asia) to design the Museum based on a concept juxtaposing past and present.

The design that emerged integrates the building’s original structure and unique characteristics while adding modern functionality and symbolism.

On more than 3,500 sqm the museum unfolds the thousand years old story of ancient glassmaking to present day applications for astronautics.

Leading an international team of architects, artists, designers, filmmakers and multimedia specialists, COORDINATION ASIA was responsible for art direction and the entire concept, design and supervision of the museum interior, as well as to be a reliable consultant for curation, marketing and operation.

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