The Role of Set Design


In many productions the set design is the most important part of the concept. The overall look of the set gives the audience information about the director’s concept and creates a new home for  the model to interact with. The set gives the photographer its shots by creating a range of frames through which to tell the story of the campaign.  We have not spend much time glorifying the work of set designers in our features, so let me start by introducing Marla Weinhoff, of The Marla Weinhoff Studio, who has worked on far too many brilliant sets to mention in one sitting.


Creating these worlds is a huge production especially when you think that they are built up for one day of shooting and then must come down. But recreating commercial spaces like supermarkets or highly official spaces such as NASA for example is often necessary due to the exorbitant price of blocking such a facility for an entire day. Are you picturing the magnitude of this job yet? Well, here is a selection of sweep of Marla Weinhoff’s brilliant editorial work, to give you a better idea.





marla-weinhoff-set-design5 marla-weinhoff-set-design6