Two 17th Century Canal Houses Reunited to Create The Institute of Advanced Studies [Amsterdam]

Dutch architectural studio HOH Architecten was commissioned by the University of Amsterdam to convert two adjoining 17th century canal houses in central Amsterdam into the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). Inspired by the buildings’ architectural heritage (the two buildings were actually built as identical twins in 1642 by the famous architect Philips Vingboons) They boldly combined old and new into a series of unique spaces that embody the Institute’s interdisciplinary ethos as well as redefine the way the researchers interact, work and collaborate.

The Institute for Advanced Study brings together young scientists from around the word with the aim of generating ideas and developing new research methodologies. From biologists, to sociologists, to economists, the researchers work together on complex scientific and societal challenges such as climate change, immigration and financial crises, free from the constraints of disciplinary boundaries.

Photography by Jordi Huisman