The New Trend of 3D Avatars are taking over Instagram

Are we in Ready Player One yet ?

I recently stumbled on some very surprising Instagram accounts (with 1.5M followers!!). But not the one you would imagine! A fictional 3D Instagram model and music artist claiming to be from Downey, California. Obviously, entirely virtual but ultra realistic – Miquela Sousa, better known as Lil Miquela, is a fictional character created by and lies as a digital art project.

With her raising popularity, Miquela started to have other virtual friends like Blawko22 and Bermuda

Miquela’s first Instagram post was made about 3 years ago. The project garnered both intrigue and criticism for the character’s digital appearance with fans and online commenters oscillating between positing that Miquela is an art project or a social experiment carried out by a real unidentified woman. Miquela was rumored to be a marketing gimmick for The Sims. British model Emily Bador was rumored to be Miquela, fans citing the character’s abundance of freckles. Bador openly acknowledged the physical similarity, but denied managing the account.

What crazy world we live in, but be ready for the future because this is just the start… See you in the ‘Oasis’