The New Aston Martin [one-77]


Not Cot wrote about it yesterday, and I have to write about it too ! The New Aston Martin One-77Limited Edition of only 77 – Already out of Stock – A £1.2 Million baby ! – Its seems that Aston Martin decide to make a BIG buzz in this one, revealing only a portion of the car at some Auto Shows, making some web episode about it…It will be so limited that only 6 models are supposed to be in the US – so probably 5 in LA in 1 in NY – Also Not cot offer to their readers the CHANCE TO VISIT THE ASTON MARTIN FACTORY and reviewing beauty ! You Should be  a Car Lover and a dope photographer – available first week on December – Shouldn’t be too hard to find !  [ more info and video here ]

So email NotCot at with the following:
1) Why are you a good fit?
2) Tell me about your passion for cars (and automotive design), particularly Aston Martin
3) Links/Examples of your photography, and what camera/lenses you shoot with


Image and info – Notocot