The Like: Release Me

Half a decade after The Like‘s debut, Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?, the once dream-pop gal group has expanded from a trio to a quartet, and finally perfected their goal of a 60’s-inspired sound (with some help from coveted producer, Mark Ronson). The sixties mod-make over was a long time coming. The 3 precocious teenagers were hardly out of high school when their first album dropped. Their 2010 summer-released album, Release Me, is the group’s present-day symbol of its vintage transformation, including bass successor, Laena Geronimo and member addition, Annie Monroe on keys. Monroe’s retro organ pizazz may be the capstone for The Like’s rebirth, but vocalist Elizabeth “Z” Berg (and Twiggy look-alike) is still its keystone for addictive lyrical and melodic hooks. The cherry on top is that these women are just as style-savvy as sound-savvy. I love The Like.

Listen to “Release Me” Here

      1. The Like: Release Me