Instant Spray Clothing !

I couldn’t believe it the first time I heard about it, but now I can tell that fashion and science can sometime be a great mix…A Spanish fashion designer, Manel Torres has developed the world’s first spray-on clothing that can be worn, washed and worn again. Clothing in a can! Are you ready for this ?!

The spray consists of short fibers that are mixed into a solvent, allowing it to be sprayed from a can or high-pressure spray gun.

The fibers are mixed with polymers that bind them together to form a fabric. The texture of the fabric can be varied by using wool, linen or acrylic fibers.

Torres teamed up with chemical engineer Paul Luckham to set up a spin-out company called Fabrican Ltd, which will explore other applications ranging from spray-on bandages, hygiene wipes and upholstery for cars and furniture.

The spray can will go on sale next year, and is expected to cost $15 for a can.

“I really wanted to make a futuristic, seamless, quick and comfortable material,” said Torres. “In my quest to produce this kind of fabric, I ended up returning to the principles of the earliest textiles such as felt, which were also produced by taking fibers and finding a way of binding them together without having to weave or stitch them.”

Close up on the fibers:

More info: Fabrican Ltd & The Guardian