The Gate to Modern Catalonia with Darial Concept Store [Barcelona]

Experiential may not be a synonym with Barcelona, yet the Darial Concept Store is here to prove it wrong! In a take on retail reaches palatial heights this store is a multidisciplinary new space located on the ground floor of Casa Tomàs roger, a 19th-century landmark building on Carrer d’Ausias Marc in the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant, fast-changing dreta de l’eixample neighborhood.


Forward-looking style meets old-school elegance in an environment that is the first of its kind in Barcelona, with an ever-evolving selection of fashion, objects and art presented over 1,500 square meters. The brainchild of founder and creative director Djaba Diassamidze, Darial is conceived like a series of sleek, airy galleries in which various lifestyle categories naturally flow into one another, moving from fashion to art, books to home decor and Le Léopard, a brasserie-style restaurant that puts a contemporary spin on the classics.

Showcasing a joyful pastiche of eras and references, Darial’s high-ceilinged white-cube halls are embellished with ornate, gold-finish palm- tree pillars in an otherwise immaculate series of suites presenting a meticulous edit of fashion and design. Exotic decorative features, design masterpieces and graphic cinematic references recall the mood of a glamorous art deco film set — or perhaps Alain Resnais’ new wave classic Last Year in Marienbad. Coromandel screens complement furniture by masters of 20th-century design and decor – including Pierre Chareau, Serge Roche and Pierre Paulin – while plush ivory carpets and minimalist oriental arches recall that “darial” means “gate” in old Persian. The cristal de roche is the talisman choose for Darial.

In a nod to Visconti’s classic film, the 70-seat Le Léopard features plush 19th-century banquettes in red velvet and ceilings finished in gleaming gold leaf. A festive modern brasserie, the restaurant serves a market-driven menu based on French, Italian and Spanish cuisines, with vegan options and classic and natural wines.

Darial Barcelona