The Death of the StreetWear ?

That’s a good question…

The general atmosphere is not that good, the fear of the current recession, real or not, avoid the American brands to feel confident about their future developments.

Aside from the economical problem, a bigger crisis is on its way.
Because, after using too much (unconsciously right after consciously) the Japanese brands (Fujiwara, Bape), new methods of marketing and communication, those from the historical American brands (Stussy, Supreme) or those from the Luxury. The Streetwear rookies need right now to do their own holes with their own tools. And it seems to be complicated. […]

The basis of the Street Culture is a rejection of the mass market and conformism. Street Wear is born from a gap. An entire part of the urban culture  did not have clothes which matched with their own cultural references. So today, why are we doing the same things, the same co-brandings, the same graphics, using the same colors. […]

One thing is certain, Internet is one of the pillars of these transformations and results in a permanent acceleration. That digital bulimia is equal to the consumerist frenzy from the emerging countries, and the almighty capitalism from the occidental countries. […]

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