The Box Rockets: No Control

Listen to “No Control” Here

      1. The Box Rockets - No Control

The Box Rockets are a new band straight out of the always thriving Melbourne Music scene. Recently release their EP No Control which debuts the bands own blend of Indie/Pop/Light Rock. ‘No Control’ (also the single from the Album) is a perfectly catchy lean song that hooks you in from start to finish and doesn’t bore you in between with unnecessary filler.

Sighting the likes of The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and The Beatles as influences. These great bands have produced some of the catchiest songs around, think ‘This Charming Man’ ‘Octopuses Garden’ and ‘Heart in a Cage’, ‘No Control’ manages to capture the gets-stuck-in-your-head essence of these iconic song whilst bringing its own special touch.

With Stuart West’s unique bass style he manages to create a bass line that both compliments the track whilst standing out entirely on its own.


For more information on The Box Rockets you can visit their website or jump onto iTunes to get your hands on their addictive new song ‘No Control’.