The Black Soft: Love Song VS Toturemix

Listen to “Love Song” here

      1. 06 Love Song


Listen to “Love Song Torturemix” here

      2. 01 Lovesong Toturemix


This is a test. Two diverging versions of The Cure‘s “Love Song” will distinguish your general make-up. Based on your personal preference, what kind of gal or gentleman are you? Just in time for Halloween, has The Black Soft‘s Toturemix come along with a powerfully spooky 80’s remake to swoop you away? Or is it their light-hearted original cover that addicts you? It’s dark versus light. Synth versus sensual. And with each track, the emotional pulling power of a planet in orbit. Good luck with the decision. I have a distinct feeling it won’t be an easy one to make.

The New York-based duo released both in a year’s time. The original “Love Song” cover on their February self-titled LP, and the Toturemix just a few days ago on Totu Popep. With their inclination for children’s choirs, overlapping vocals, and potent orchestral climaxes, these guys create electronic pop for dance-addicted dungeon dwellers.

Keep your eyes on this dynamic twosome. Also, check out the Toturemix version used in a Nicola Formichetti promo —Lady Gaga‘s stylist and creative director– which is currently being shown at his pop up store in Tribeca, NYC.


Nicola Formichetti Untitled Video Project from MPC on Vimeo.