The Beauty of Flowers & Plexiglass

From conception to death, science and technology has a huge impact on our life, but one certitude remains, we’re all going to die. This is the bottom line of the new Wired’s Life issue (April 2018). Photographer Nik Mirus was commissioned to deconstruct the lifespan and its different stages : Childhood, Puberty, Adulthood and Decline. Teaming with Art director Camille Boyer, they created the imagery using only flowers and plexiglass. Gorgeous!


Be sure to watch the Making of below:

Photographer: Nik Mirus
Art Director: Camille Boyer
Assistant Art Director, Florist: Audrey St-laurent
Photo Assistants: Frédérik Boudreault, Mike Manoukian
Retoucher: Bernard Li

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