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The 48-Hour Land Rover Adventure

It was the drive of a lifetime! Taking 5 flights to travel 10,000 kilometers for 48 hours in Morocco to test drive the 2013 Range Rover for 8 hours may sound like a production, but wait till you hear what it took the Land Rover team to bring this flawless adventure to life.

land rover adventure

Land Rover chose Morocco for the launch of its 2013 Range Rover to recreate the routes of the 1970 Drive Program meant to introduce the first Range Rover, which never happened. It took a team of 300 specialists to find 14 routes, drive 5000 kilometer and 8 months to develop, safety check and map them. Once everything was proofed the LR team was split between Marrakech and Essaouira, where they hosted over 1000 global media on the All New Range Rover drive over the course of 5 weeks. Stay tuned for the photos from my unforgettable drive.

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