Textile + Furniture by Soojin Kang

You know we love chairs here at Trendland, and speaking about love for chairs, here are ‘The Dressed Chairs’ by Central Saint Martins (Textile Futures) graduate Soojin-Kang. She took a bunch of second-hand chairs and covered them with leather patches. A simple idea but an amazing result!

Today’s mass-production and the disposable fashion are deeply problematic. Current fast changing trends and low price that promote consumers to buy more than they need has pushed people to easily throw away their objects.

“I am fighting against this epidemic with needles and threads. Dressed Chairs are inspired by traditional crafts and antique raw materials, hand made by me; Obviously, the scarcity of the antique furniture used requires the total number of editions produced each piece is extremely limited. Each piece is therefore entirely unique.”

“I like also the Knitted Chair but more as an art piece.”

More about Soojin:

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Soojin Kang graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London with a Masters in Textile Futures in 2009. Through focusing equally on aesthetics and tactility, Kang seeks to evoke a heightened, intensified state of being in all who interact with her work. She works on creating new identities and strives to tell stories through her designs. As a creative, Kang works on a broad range of projects, though her inspiration always comes from the same place – from materials, colors and the feelings they conjure up.

Available at Mint London, starting September – Thanks to dezeen for the Tips!

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