Sarah McLeod: Dancing in the Dark

Australian Sarah Mcleod brings a sexy dark side to Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” that even Luke Skywalker couldn’t resist. Her dazzlingly smoldering string riff slowly climbs to an intense, musical peak with increasingly rapid beats creeping in all the way up to the end–where the cover pleasantly surprises you with an electronic climax. An effect even Bruce (aka “The Boss) himself couldn’t strive for. A cover by definition, this remake is not just that. It is also an innovative makeover of the light-hearted, Americana tune into an almost morosely mystical sound.

If what I’ve written doesn’t grab your attention, I’m sure McLeod’s erotically inviting vocals will. Quite the distant departure from good ‘ole Bruce. Go on: compare and contrast.

Listen to “Dancing in the Dark” Here

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