Tensnake : Coma Cat

Hamburg based producer/DJ Tensnake definitely has a very unique and fresh perspective on what would be interpreted as a sort of modern take on disco/80’s Boogie. His new EP entitled “Coma Cat”, released in early 2010 under Permanent Vacation Records, gives you some insight as to the minimalistic yet extraordinarily catchy style of Tensnake and without a doubt takes you on a distinct musical journey into the artists interesting compositional caliber.

The first time I heard this track I was under the impression that it was two songs being mixed together flawlessly as one. My misconception I think it had something to do with the fact that I am not quite accustomed to hearing this particular fusion of genre as well as the unique progressive take that Tensnake carries, combining sounds that you would normally not hear together. Regardless Tensnake comes through in big ways with this track and certainly has got my attention.

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      1. Coma Cat

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