Jamie Lidell : She Needs Me/The Ring

Jamie Lidell is a musical Jack-of-all-trades.  He proved himself as a electronic producer/singer with Cristian Vogel as Super_Collider before going solo.  He is well known for layering his own voice on tracks.  Whether it is beat-boxing, singing lyrics or just singing a melody, he is a vocal one man band.  His new album Compass was created with help from friends Beck, Fiest, and Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor is due out May 18th from Warp Records.  The thing that impresses me the most about him is his range of styles that he is able to embrace and pull off.  Even on the same album he is able to mix things up and create some innovative tracks. Because of that, I thought I would give you a double dose of his soulful tracks.

She Needs Me is a love song that brings the funk.  The baseline reminds me of something you would hear on a Barry White album, but with Lidell’s smooth vocals, the horn section, and some piano to round it off and make it a complete tune.  The baseline provides the groundwork for this song, but it’s Lidell’s vocals that shine through to make it an amazing track.  Enjoy!

Listen to “She Needs Me” Here

      1. 03 She Needs Me

The Ring is more classic Lidell.  Starting with a beat-box base, then Lidell’s vocals come in on top of it with a bass-heavy piano rounding out the tune.  I love how soulful and funky this song feels.  Give it a listen and you will be up on your feet feeling the groove in no time.  Enjoy!

Listen to “The Ring” Here

      2. 06 The Ring

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