Teenage Bad Girl: Keep Up With You (Lifelike Remix)

Listen to “Keep Up With You (Lifelike Remix)” here

      1. Keep Up With You (Lifelike Remix)


It’s not often that the full potential of a Friday night pick-me-up fix is met by one song, which explains the remix tipping point of “Keep Up With You.” Granted, the original is delightful unto itself, but Lifelike’s edition is like alternative medicine. It just fulfills some ulterior need that not even the listener understands. Guillaume Manbell and Greg Kazubski are the French minds behind the original, and make up the electronic duo, Teenage Bad Girl. Whether or not the name derived from causing bad behavior, I would believe it.

It was ultimately modern networking that brought the two together. Virtual introductions began their work, and technology continued it. “Keep Up With You,” among their 6 EPs and three full-length albums, is a work of pulsing energy and black hole bumping. The beat just keeps on dropping. Their most recent EP will be the drop that makes a dent. A dance-tastic, disco dent.

Fans of Boys Noize, College, and Felix De Housecate, beware: you are stepping into addictive territory.