tarragon infused iced tea tl

Tarragon-Infused Iced Tea

A surprising mélange of tarragon, fresh orange juice and green tea for those who appreciate unique combinations. Often used in salty dishes, tarragon is not only part of the ‘fines herbs’ cast, but also the star of the Béarnaise Sauce. This recipe proposes a sweet alternative to extend tarragon’s reach, as well as the stigmatized green tea. Apart from the unexpected flavor, this iced tea brings an elegant and vivacious sight to your table, no matter the occasion.

tarragon infused iced tea tl

PS: Be sure to use the French variety of the herb (the Russian is slightly vinegary).

tarragon infused iced tea tl


10 cups water
fresh tarragon
2 oranges (juiced) and orange slices (for decoration)
10 kumquats (squeezed)
2 tsp green tea
4 tbsp sugar

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Written by Mateus Andrade