Fashion Mixed-Media Collages by Eugenia Alejos

From fashion spreads by Hedi Slimane, Dan Giuliani or advertising campaigns, illustrator and art director Eugenia Alejos makes mixed-media destructured fashion collages where she layers, cut and paste superpositions and recreate the final image by exploring the identities of each brands and models.


Jenya Vyguzov Stunning Fashion Collages

Young Russian collage artist Jenya Vyguzov creates stunning mixed-media fashion collages. His work is infused with abstract visuals and vibrant colors that talk about the imperfection and faultiness as a vital and wonderful part of the world we live in. Love it!


Scissor Bound

Everything Francesca Occhionero does becomes a collage, from dressing up to cooking, she see everything as a juxtaposition of images, stuck together and multi layered.   These collages in particular were inspired by her greatest passions: fashion, magazines and visual arts. Looking for a different

Dina Lynnyk-fashion-collage-marni

Dina Lynnyk Distorted Fashion Collages

Kiev based designer Dina Lynnyk created this slightly disturbing series of fashion, photo illustrations based on graphic collages in which she blends together elements of designers collections into one portrait.