Artmour New Vision on Collages

Not much to say (or find) about digital artist Elodie Milan aka ‘Artmour’ except her intriguing mixed-media collages where she’s using different fashion spreads reinterpreted by layering unrelated images to create new garments patterns.


Vintage Mixed-Media Collages by Erdem Duygu

Digital collage artist, Erdem Duygu vintage mixed media collages are filled with varied graphics, from pinups to old cars and elements such as geometric shapes or clouds to give shape to gorgeous final compositions.


Carl Burton’s Surreal Monochromatic GIFs

Digital artist and animator Carl Burton creates quick atmospheric GIFs that blend elements of science fiction and surrealism. Glittering illuminated tentacles appear to twist through the dark while neon lasers emerge from deep pools of water.


Serge Birault Illustrations

French Digital Artist, Serge Birault aka Papaninja, have some great illustrations in his portfolio, love the mix of sexy pinup style, humor, goths and guns !


FieroAnimals Studio

Amazing CGI work by Russian digital artist Nikolai Kvartnikov and his Studio FieroAnimals blending photo compositing, 3D and illustrations working in the advertising industry his work is beautiful ! Colorful, bold, chaotic and futuristic worlds, robots, explosions and fairy’s his website showcased his work in a beautiful HD full screen view ! I like, I like !