Stylist: New Fashion Visionaries

Catwalks, ateliers, red carpets and of course on set are just a few of the places stylists are on hand to transport us into other realms through their specific and unique views on fashion.  What would the style of the 90s be without The Third Summer of Love, the iconic shoot from The Face in which Melanie Ward dressed a 15-year old Kate Moss and set a tone of effortless, unfussy dressing for an entire generation?  Would Tom Ford be the multi-million dollar business that we know it as today without Carine?  These are questions to which we dare not think of answers.

Ward’s collaboration with Corrine Day is just one of the many featured images highlighted in “STYLIST: NEW FASHION VISIONARIES” by Katie Baron (Laurence King Publishing), a must have for anyone interested in getting into the heads of the dynamic stylists that have challenged our notion of fashion at every turn of a page in a magazine.  In these pages is a portfolio of fashion editorials, commercial ad campaigns, runway shows and interviews with some of the biggest power players styling today.  The stylists here (Melanie Ward, Robbie Spencer, Anna Dello Russo, Jacob K, among others) fall under the title of “super-stylists”, most having full-time editorial posts in addition to consulting designers and multi-million dollar brands, and, in cases such as Dello Russo, being celebrities themselves.

Some of our favorite images, for your viewing pleasure…