Street Style NYFW SS 2011

This NYFW was total madness for us at Trendland. Besides our normal daily dose of inspiration, we were attending shows and parties, and shooting street style video outside all the shows to capture everyone in their Sunday best. September is always a much more vibrant fashion week than February, but this season the city really felt like it was bursting

with people and energy. The outside of the shows have become a total mad house of photo/style bloggers running after anyone with style like they work for X17 and are getting a Brangelina exclusive. I mean its nuts what blogs have done. Though we tried to have our own approach we could not avoid getting caught up in the madness.

By now most of you have seen our Take A Walk, street style videos, which we produced over the summer. Well we are in the process of editing the next part of the series, all filmed during this past NYFW. Here is a quick highlight of a few looks we caught throughout the week. Justย  little teaser to hold you over for the cream. ๐Ÿ™‚

All photos by Hannah Newbery