Stationery Compositions by Present & Correct

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_02

Present & Correct opened its virtual doors to propose a refined selection of stationery things they enjoyed since school from a variety of designers, found all over the world. For this photographic series they used an eclectic variety of stationary items available in their online shop to make a funny and harmonious composition of pictures perfectly thought in term of colors, geometry and prints. Do not hesitate to visit their boutique in London if you enjoy the work!

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_11

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_10

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_09

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_08

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_07

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_06

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_05

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_03

Stationary Compositions_Present&Correct_01
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