Sophie Hallette Lace Master

I randomly stumbled on the work of French lacemaker master Sophie Hallette and those gorgeous visual work of her lookbook made by French creative agency CHIC. And I just discovered as well that Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen Chooses Sophie Hallette Lace for the Royal Gown of Kate Middleton… Check out her lacework, they are pretty amazing!

Based in Caudry, France and family-run for three generations since its founding in 1887, Sophie Hallette sets the world standard for high-quality lace craftsmanship.

Manufactured respecting traditional methods on Leavers looms more than 100 years old and maintained by craftsmen whose know-how is unique in the world, Sophie Hallette laces are a staple of the most famous brands in haute couture and luxury goods including: Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Zac Posen, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Paul Smith, Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Erdem, Antonio Marras, Brioni, and Elie Saab among others.

Left: Sophie Hallette for Jason Wu / Right: Sophie Hallette for Erdem

Left: Sophie Hallette for Erdem / Right: Sophie Hallette for Brioni

Left: Sophie Hallette for Sharon Wauchob / Middle: Sophie Hallette for Jason Wu / Right: Sophie Hallette for Zac Posen


Lace has no need to diet. Indeed, it naturally interweaves homespun flavours and gourmet culinary bouquets, thus establishing its authenticity.


From Chantilly to powdered lace, rich with sugary colorways and designs that by turns hint of the savory or spicy – it often seems good enough to eat!


And even if“everything is a matter of taste”, the other senses too have their part to play in the way we appreciate lace: sight and touch, to let us judge its creativity and finesse. Hearing, evoking for some the electrifying memory of the rustle of tulle… Smell, too, letting us capture that impression of freshness you get from fine linen. And lastly taste – for this sensual material is apt to make people who love beautiful things salivate with desire


As soon as it is created, this rare, precious dish attracts savoir-faire and knacks as subtle as those of the greatest gastronomic chefs. Yet Sophie Hallette lace, born in Caudry amid the din of sturdy cast-iron machines, can beat good food with at least two qualities: it lasts longer than food – its fragility is no more than appearance; and all the indulgent creations using it are guaranteed totally calorie-free!


Patrick Cabasset
Chief Editor, L’Officiel

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