sophie bipp album art


sophie bipp album art

In this wonderfully vast world, there are two things I care to dream about: music and fashion. SOPHIE is a little bit of both.

      1. Bipp


With the appeal of being the moment’s coolest DJ/producer, the elusive (and seemingly androgynous) UK talent already hooked us earlier this year with “Nothing More To Say“. It’s been outdone only by this summers’ release, ‘Bipp / Elle’ (Numbers).  Between 90s candy pop vocals, inspired experimentation with pitches, percussion and synths, “Bipp” proves to be a very fun and memorable dance track! “Elle” explores in the same vein but adds a little dubstep/trap.  In an exclusive shoot with i-D magazine online, the mysterious sound wizard likened the SOPHIE production to a molecular, gastronomical experience.  I couldn’t agree more!


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