Song of the Day : [04/01]

Ray LaMontagne : You Are the Best Thing


Ray LaMontagne is hands down one of the best new artist I have heard in awhile. His voice just kills me, but softly. His Lyrics make we want to scream them out loud and I haven’t been as happy to hear a song played repeatedly on the radio since Coldplay’s “Lost” and “Viva la Vida” and before that way too long. He is getting the most highly acclaimed praise from his peers and the public. Tomorrow marks the first day of his Spring tour which is unfortunately mostly an east coast tour. I can not wait to see him live. The 3rd and latest of Ray LaMontagne’s album’s is entitled, “The Gossip in the Grain” and is described as “touching upon a range of styles and musical settings- spanning pastoral folk, railroad blues, front porch country, and plangent balladry”, and I love all of those genre descriptors. Check out his whole album immediately!!

Listen to “You Are the Best Thing” Here

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Ray LaMontagne