Sneaky Sound System: Big

Listen to “Big” here

      1. Sneaky Sound System - 03 - Big

Sneaky Sound System is your modern day Ace of Base. Electronic relatives of Yacht and beat brothers to LCD Soundsystem, the 80’s transplants get the party started with a hard-to-hate Abba flair. The Australian threesome have been around since their 2006 breakthrough LP landed in the States. They started as a duo. It was songwriter/producer “Black Angus” McDonald, and MC Daimon “Double D.” Then came vocalist Connie Mitchell, a former member of Aussie rock trio, Primary.

After supporting Jamiroquai, Robbie Williams, and Scissor Sisters, Sneaky has not only signed with Sony Music Austrailia, but have also founded their own label, Whack Recordings. I guess they didn’t get the memo: They’re good enough to quit their day jobs.

Happy listening!