Siskiyou Talks With Trendland

Listen to “Twigs and Stones”

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Canadian-native, Colin Huebert takes his listeners on a hike through the outdoors of homegrown sounds as he and his Siskiyou band (Shawn Watt, Peter Carruthers, Erik Arnesen) offset low beats and strings with a tinge of digital folklore. Borderline proverbial, the mellow appearance of this spontaneous quartet brings about the nostalgia of The Magnetic Fields or the freshness of Sóley together in what they say is not folk, but rather, “more sinister here, in the sound, in the words”.

Listen to “Never Ever Ever Ever Again” here

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Drawn to the rawness of mystic allegory, their recent album Keep Away The Dead reflects a switch of lanes from start-up band to star-bound brilliance. Their daunting lyrics paired with serene vocals, reminiscent of a campsite reunion, capture a taste for up-tempo poetry. “These are songs about death, but not in a self-serious Gothic sense. There is an agnostic and gorgeous resignation to this album, at once atheistic and hymnal”, as the musicians refer to their work.

When asked about their eclectic approach to generating sounds (old AM radio tuners, an electric guitar sans amplifier), Colin responds, “I know what I think sounds and feels right and I do my best to render that.” Collaborating with Dave Carswell, they released Keep Away the Dead in early October setting the stage for nomad-friendly (but sound-aggressive) melodies striking gold with their lofty hit “Twigs and Stones.” From that outta-town drive to a late night grind, a little Siskiyou jam can go a long way.