Simon Schubert’s Paper Art

Simon Schubert has the ability to create colorful emotions without the use of color.  Texture and shape are Schubert’s language of communicating through a gray scale of visual imagery within a world defined by paper, sculpture, and installation.  The world he creates shows a fantasized bleakness comparable to a Tim Burton perversity, with of course a more German frigidity.

Works on Paper

The paper is meticulously folded in a calibrated way to turn a flat blank sheet into an image reminiscent of a pressed tin.   These images, while subtle , are very attractive to the eye, and draw you in to appreciate the soft detail of the workmanship.

There is a thin line between beauty and distortion.  An ideal reality proposes everything is normal, but a change within a singular detail may develop an ideal into an absurdity to society.  Simon Schubert is aware of how careful we are to secure a uniform society, and selectively rebels in his realistic but grotesquely beautiful sculptures of life forms.

Sculpture and Installation

As one enters an installation, they are confronted by a reality that is no longer familiar.  This is the artist’s imagination realized in a life size form.  To walk upon these grandiose expressions creates an instant bond, and potentially an understanding into another cerebral universe.  The trip may be temporary but with Schubert, it is a memorable but perhaps uncomfortable first impression.