Jay Electronica : Exhibit C

The question… “Who the fuck is Jay Electronica?”. A good answer might be, “The savior of hip-hop!”. To this day there isn’t to much known about the rapper/producer. Jay is compared to the likes of Nas and has also been referred to as a “rap Jack Kerouac”  due to his nomadic experience. He has unofficially released a bunch of weird projects/mix-tapes through his Myspace page, but to this date he has only released two official singles: Exhibit A and Exhibit C, both produced by Just Blaze and released by Decon. There was an Exhibit B ft Mos Def, but like almost everything else he does, that track just saw a leaked release through a blog and is definitely worth seeking out. With this almost messiah like image in the hip hop community, the only question that remains is “When is the full length going to drop?”.

Exhibit C is a track built on a sample of Billy Stewart‘s “Cross My Heart” circa 1966, with a simple drum beat, making the focus of the song Jay’s New Orleans-rooted swagger. This is the type of song that made me feel hard as a teenager; even though I was just a Jewish white kid from the Valley. It could be the storytelling, the cultural insight or maybe it’s just lines like, “They call me Jay Electronica/ Fuck that, call me Jay ElecHannukah/ Jay ElecYarmulke…”, that make me want to declare Jay Electronica the “the one”. This only leaves one question as mentioned before and I will refer to some more lyrics from the track to phrase it, “Nas hit me up on the phone said “what you waitin on”/ Tip hit me up with a Twit said “what you waitin on”/ Diddy send a text every hour on the dot saying “when you gon drop that verse, nigga you takin long”.

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