Simon Escourbiac’s Textural Photography

Simon Escourbiac - 9


Out of the five senses a human can possess, there is nothing more visceral than the sense of touch. Being able to connect and feel is an important skill that controls much of what we choose and do. Something that French photographer Simon Escourbiac evidently understood with his latest series. Paying great attention to detail, Escourbiac highlights every crack and crevice in his textural product shots.


Having been called a “mad scientist” by his agency Michele Filomeno, Escourbiac tries to better understand the subjects of his shoots by meticulously capturing every palpable aspect. The wet face creams, soft coloured powders and smooth surfaces we come to contact with are all featured in his stunning work.


Immersing his audience into a world of textures of substances we often come across, have a feel for his work with the following infamous cosmetics and perfume bottles.


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