Silver Swans: Let It Happen

Listen to “Let it Happen” Here

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It is bonafide renditions of provocative fairytales. Frontline technology and honest vocals. It is music that can get in your bones. Wonder woman and once upon a time accountant-bound Ann Yu meshes with acclaimed DJ Jon Waters to reel in some seasoned listeners starting with San Francisco’s saturated indie scene, as Silver Swans. The raw duo, herald their 2012 album Forever set for release on February 7 on indie label TwentySeven Records, featuring their latest single Let it Happen and a tune still soaked in press Secrets.

As Silver Swans proffer intricate compilations, the material goes lustful, chiming at the romance behind unraveling electro-pop beats together. Collaboration with The National, Bachelor of Science, Fleet Foxes and a number of big stage names has brightened the light on these two melody savvy craftsmen. Noted for hints of The Knife and Björk, Las Vegas native Ann Yu drips her voice over keys and strings while Brit Waters weaves in bass, stirring synth with snare for that common whispering mirage effect they seem to trademark.

Nostalgia, longing, beauty hazed in sadness, idealisms, crystal moments, destiny, and pure intentions” are the projections behind their writing and compositions says Yu. And when the pair go to work together, they get things done. “We have a very quick working process actually, some songs take maybe a couple hours to finish, we don’t belabour ideas and drive them to the ground with changes and what ifs, we just create what suits us and move on to the next idea.  Live, we are joined by our lovely friends David Farrell and Jennifer Duardo and they are always the first to hear what we’ve been working on.” 

When asked about the cultural influences and experiences that contribute to their music creations, Ann emits a ray of light for the Swedes, “We are both in love with all things Sweden.  The weather there, the music, the people, fashion, the skinny hot dogs. There is something about hearing a band like Kings of Convenience or Club 8 or El Perro Del Mar, that just touches that side of me of sadness and beauty all wrapped in bittersweet and burnt honey and it is just characteristically Swedish.” 

With New York in the horizon, madame Yu lends some heart and truth to the San Francisco scene noting its smallness and the challenge for puncturing tight circles while recognizing the city’s nature of magnetic beauty. “I’ve daydreamed about moving to NYC one day, I’m sure Jon would like to be there as well.  Not that I don’t love SF to death, but the grass is always greener.”

Listen to “Secrets” Here

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