Scott Hazard’s Photo and Text Constructs

As a graduate of both architecture and art, Scott Hazard puts two and two together in his carefully constructed works—Photo Constructs and Text Constructs. Each piece is made by layering pages or images, which are then torn with concentric holes that add texture and depth.

“As the viewer’s gaze enters and traverses the layers of images in each construct, vision becomes tactile, lending an articulated viewing experience and a space for the eyes to linger in each image,” says the artist about his Photo Constructs series, which primarily features everyday sights and doorways, with portal-like holes as the focal point of each one. Using the same technique in the more recent Text Constructs, Scott’s goal is to ultimately “draw the viewer in for momentary reflection and a temporary departure”.


Born in San Diego, California, and now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Scott’s work has been exhibited in several venues, including Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, VA, Roanoke College, Salem College, the Durham Arts Council, the Appleton Museum, The Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Artspace in Raleigh NC .