Scent Trunk Designs Original Scents Based On Your Unique Tastes

Using in-house artisan perfumer and machine learning technology, this new fragrance company, Scent Trunk designs original fragrances based on a consumer’s unique preferences and delivers them monthly.

Founded in Ontario by William Yin and Richard Smale, Scent Trunk was inspired by the need to refine the overwhelming experience typically associated with the one-size-fits-all ethos of the fragrance department and the lack of ease in finding a perfume or cologne that is unique to them.

How Does it work?
The Scent Test Kit (free + $4.95 shipping) lets consumers sample a palette of their six core scents – to discover their likes and dislikes. Then, Scent Trunk’s perfumers create a one-month supply of a custom formula based on the response to the Scent Test ($11.99/month + free shipping). Each month consumers can always request a new fragrance. If a consumer doesn’t like a fragrance they are sent, Scent Trunk will send another formula for free. The brand is committed to helping consumers discover a fragrance they fall in love with.

The company then designed the Scent Test using 16 months of consumer data. The samples include scents ranging from Woods, Citrus, Aromatic, Chypre, Oriental, and Floral, the most polarizing categories that guide consumers through the exploration of their pheromonal preferences.

The company’s fragrances are crafted exclusively by Sarah McCartney their in-house artisanal perfumer, sourcing raw ingredients from small-batch producers including everything from Brazilian oranges to French lavender fields. She has 10+ years experience creating fragrances.