Saddo animal pattern wallpaper

Saddo will make you want to rethink your Wallpaper

Saddo is the pseudonym of Raul Oprea. Based in Brasov, Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist Raul has always been attracted to bizarre and fantasy-like imagery ever since his appreciation of horror and sci-fi movies and books since early childhood. Graduating from University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca as a graphic designer, he chose to take his talent to the streets instead of getting an office job. After university, he started his career as a founder of one of the first Romanian street art collectives, The Playground.

This series is a personal collection of hand painted pattern designs.

Saddo animal pattern

His artistic work ranges from dreamy, colorful, pop-surrealistic paintings, to dark, monochromatic, powerful drawings. His influences range from painter Henri Rousseau and Flemish masters, naturalistic illustrations of plants and animals, pop surrealism, religion, mythology, and of course street art and design. Raul creates fantasy scenes, intricate portraits and abstract compositions.

Saddo bird pattern

Saddo cactus pattern

Saddo floral pattern

Saddo floral pattern

Saddo fruit pattern

Saddo indian pattern