Sabine Pigalle Art Photography

Once again, discovered from our Submit page, the stunning photographic work of Sabine Pigalle -No wonder I’m loving her work, she has worked with our favorite Trend publications, like Bloom and View on Colors. Sabine started photography as a complete autodidact, and progressively gave up styling.

Her style reminds me of Oleg Dou or Kimiko Yoshida. Simple background, strong makeup and focus on the subject. J’adore!

Her personal artistic work includes “Toxi-Food,” “H2O” at Gallery Port Autonome, “Mue Couture” at Galerie Valérie Cueto and “Motifs” at Musée des Artes Décoratifs. She now exhibits with the support of LVMH “Paris – Tokyo” for Céline in Omotesando/Tokyo.

Courtesy Sabine Pigalle and Louise Alexander Gallery