Ruud Van Empel’s Sunday

Ruud Van Empel, who we have previously featured on Trendland, is a Dutch artist whose digitally collaged photographs “confront photography’s authority with painterly stylization and an almost cinematic experience of parallel time frames.” Meticulously photographing models, clothing, and shrubbery, the artist then reassembles them digitally to create artificial figures and landscapes.

His latest work “Sunday” features children gathered in manicured continental gardens, restrained by sharp angles and geometric trims, a departure from his previous work of children in uninhibited, wild foliage. With hints of instability and unrest brewing, the children seem awkward proprietors rather than explorers. Furthermore, a smiling elderly woman dons a quizzical smile; scattered figures are suspended merely for light to reflect upon in “Landscape”.  Shining light on a new digital relationship with nature, time and space, don’t miss this show, now on view at Stux Gallery.

On view Sept 13 – Oct 20, 2012

530 West 25th Street, New York, NY