Hotel, Farm-to-Table and Art Foundation at Villa Lena [Tuscany]

Villa Lena Fattoria is a freshly redeveloped villa and much more than just a hotel – it’s a unique agriturismo (agro-tourism) located in the heart of rural Tuscany combining holiday accommodation, a farm-to-table restaurant and a not-for-profit art foundation.

Designed by Hesselbrand and operated by Parisian nightlife king Lionel Bensemoun. Combining many qualities – tradition, the contemporary and sustainability – the project was inspired by the classical rustic aesthetic of the region. Guest rooms feature oak floors and wood panelling created by local artisans while the bathrooms were finished with Italian Carrara marble.

The architects imagined a new layout for the space that makes the villa a perfect spot for organizing events and activities. There is an art library, a yoga studio as well as a wine cellar plus light and rain pavilions – open-air cabanas where guests can interact with the surroundings. Sustainability was yet another aspect taken into consideration in the refurbishment process. The hotel is powered by solar panels and has developed a water collection system.

ADDRESS: Via comunale di Toiano,
42 56036 Palaia PI (view map)