Robert Goetzfried’s Landscapes Give Us Peace Of Mind

The German artist was born on Lindau, an island on the eastern side of Lake Constance, situated between Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Due to its proximity with the Alps, the town has a special kind of climate, very foggy in autumn and very cold in winter, that parts of the lake freeze. In this series called “Bodensee – Lake Constance”, Robert Gotzfried presents photographs of “his” lake, captured throughout the years.

There is a sense of symmetry in Gotzfried photography, combined with structures, delimitation, and a certain feeling of loneliness. The images are impactful, somehow inhuman as they are deprived from any human beings. The photographer chooses empty locations as he wishes us to experiment these places beyond their common functionality. According to him, if you can hear the silence, if you can smell the clean, cool and, crisp air and, if you can feel the peace he has experienced while shooting the images, it means that he has done a good job.

Robert Gotzfried graduated from the School of Printing and training typesetter in Konstanz. He studied communication design with a focus on print design and photography. Today, the artist lives in Munich and works as a photographer, designer and lecturer of photography at the School of Design in Ravensburg.