RIMOWA x Alex Israel: Larger than Life Travel Debuts [ Los Angeles]

Launched last night and coinciding with the inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles, RIMOWA and artist Alex Israel have joined forces to create the first-ever collection of color-graded suitcases based on the iconic aluminum RIMOWA Original.

Los Angeles native, Alex Israel’s work explores popular media, Hollywood, and the cult of celebrity, while positing LA as central to an understanding of American culture and the American dream. For the RIMOWA x Alex Israel collaboration, Israel has reimagined the suitcases in colors based on the LA-sunset, drawing directly from the palettes of his “Sky Backdrop” and “Untitled (Flat)” paintings, while using innovative new printing techniques to transfer his signature colors onto aluminum.

RIMOWA CEO, Alexandre Arnault and artist, Alex Israel were joined by RIMOWA Chief Brand Officer Hector Muelas and guests Sara Foster, Erin Foster, China Chow, Casey Fremont, Cassandra Grey, Kyle DeWoody, Roger Berman, Jamie Manne, Fuschia Kate Sumner, Kulapat Yantra, Yi Zhou and more to celebrate the launch of the RIMOWA x Alex Israel collaboration.

“I imagined these suitcases by answering a simple question: What’s the suitcase I’d want to look at and wheel through LAX? And the answer, for me, so often comes back to the sky over Los Angeles – it’s just my favorite thing to look at.”

– said Alex Israel

Photo Credit: BFA

Event Location:
RIMOWA x Alex Israel
8495 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Alex Israel