Retro Vibe for Leo’s Club [London]

Leo’s is a Member Club space hidden inside The Arts Club in London, Mayfair. Designed by a Milanese practice, Dimore Studio, the subterranean space is a reflection of designers’ decadent, retro aesthetic. Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran went for cognac and rose pink shades, a snake banquette that curves the backlit walls and black, brass tables. Chinoiserie pendant lanterns add an exceptional feel to the numinous interior, featuring a box stage with an oriental, fringe curtain as a background. Wandering around Leo’s, one will encounter plenty of art gems such as Giacometti-inspired sculptures and gold frame paintings.

“Elegance and contrasts are the key characteristics of the concept for Leo’s. Elegance in its spaces and details, contrasts in furniture and fabrics. Leo’s has been inspired by the Riviera Clubs from the Sixties revisited in a contemporary and eclectic way. A mix of contemporary, retro, and oriental elements, combined with mirrors and lights, will shape a soft, unusual and sophisticated environment. A sensual and intimate setting made of warm colours will convey a feeling of a blurred and indistinct memory, inspired by the fascinating environments of “In the Mood for Love.”