Reeps One

Reeps One On The Art Of Beatboxing

Reeps One

HungerTV invited beatboxing champion Reeps One for an in-studio interview and performance, in which the 23 year old London native sheds light on the human voice and its behavior as a musical instrument.

Reeps One (real name Harry Yeff) describes the process of fine tuning his voice, and apparently scholars at the University College London were interested as well. After monitoring Verr’s brain activity, they found that beatboxing rewired the brain to recognize the act as delivering pleasure, motivation, and perhaps increasing immunity. Anyone who has mastered a musical instrument can testify that specific harmonics induce meditative states on the brain, but it is quite rare that it produces results as fresh as these.  Artists such as De La Soul and Benga who have collaborated with Yeff would most certainly agree.

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