Red Bull Ilume Benjamin Ginsbery surf scaled

Red Bull Illume Photo Competition

As if engaging in exhilarating extreme sports wasn’t enough, prepare yourself for some stunning mid-act shots. Capturing the near impossible in a sublime gallery of images, Red Bull’s Illume photo contest aims to collect the world’s finest premier action and adventure sports images. From remote locations to camera damaging weather conditions, brave photographers are celebrated in the three year competition.


Together from an impressive batch of 28,257 photos from 124 countries, the top 50 is chosen from the ten categories listed. This year’s overall winner was playground category holder Lorenz Holder.


For the next 18 months, the winning photos will travel across the globe in select locations. But for now, propel your imagination and dive into this astonishing melting pot of picture stories.

Martin Lugger captures Florian Ebner on a highline in the Austrian Dolomites.

Lucas Gilman tracks Red Bull athlete Rafa Ortiz’ first descent down the 132.5 foot tall Big Banana Falls in Mexico.

Dave Lehl snaps Andy Orley flies off his skateboard whist skating down the famous ‘Forest Gump road in Utah.

Benjamin Ginsbery captures Surfer Okvist airs off the back of a wave in Newport Beach, CA.

Stuart Gibson snaps surfer Sean Woolnough off the Namotu Island, Fiji.

Stuart Gibson once again captures a surfer underwater in Namotu, Fiji.

Sterling Lorence snaps Matt Hunder’s 45-foot air wall ride in Kamloops, BC, Canada.

Red Bull Illume Scott Serfas Alaska snowboards
Scott Serfas captures John Jackson snowboarding the Tordillo Mountains in Alaska.

Scott Dickerson‘s photo of stand up paddle boards surfing the Turnagain bore tide in Alaska.

Red Bull Illume Ryan Taylor cranberry field
Ryan Taylor captures Ben Horan carving through a cranberry field in Manitowish Waters, WI.

Rafal Meszka captures freediver Emilia Biala in Dahab, Egypt.

Krystle Wright snaps BASE jumper Michael Tomchek’s 400 foot leap off Castleton Tower in Utah.

Juan Cruz Rabaglia delves into an ice cavern underneath Patagonia’s Perito Moreno Glacier.

Jody MacDonald captures Gavin McClurg as he soars over the Bazaruto Archipeligo in Mozambique.


Jaanus Ree snaps Gard Hvaara at Simple Session, one of Europe’s biggest skateboarding & BMX contests.


Florian Breitenberger captures Xavier Pasamonte at the Nine Knights Mountain bike event in Austria.

Elias Konosson‘s photo of Fredrik Berggren in Åre, Sweden.

David Carlier captures Gary Edgeworth going over the Idaho Mesa falls.

Christian Pondella snaps Tim Emmett’s grand climb up the Helmcken falls in British Columbia.


Photographers shown:

Benjamin Ginsberg, Martin Lugger, Lucas Gilman, Juan Cruz Rabaglia, Paul Bride, Rainer Eder, Stuart Gibson, Scott Serfas, Ryan Taylor, Krystie Wright, Dave Lehl, Rafal Meszka, George Karbus, Scott Dickerson, Jody MacDonald, Florian Breitenberger, Ray Demski, Elias Kunosson, Christian Pondella, Jaanus Ree & Claudio Casanova.


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To see more, see the official contest page here & thanks to Wired for the tip!